COVID-19 Impact & Response

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The community we serve has always been subject to crisis situations, but nothing of this magnitude in recent history. The needs of the children and families we serve are not changing — they are escalating with added barriers. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the need for our academic and social adjustment program serving the African American community on Chicago’s south side where there has been a significant impact. Our response to the pandemic is not a departure from how we have worked historically to make a difference for families in crisis situations. The adjustment has been in doing so remotely, and practicing social distancing as required.

We are now offering remote tutoring/homework help and enrichment opportunities to the students and families we serve. This includes mentorship, special learning projects, and activities that will give students mental breaks from the pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic impact (games and artistic activities). We are also offering Tele-Therapy for students and families to help deal with the added stress, a Parent Support Group to provide informal mutual support and discuss parenting challenges and strategies during the COVID-19 crisis; and planning ahead for a critical effort to fill the anticipated academic gap post-COVID.

To our Students and Families: Learn more about the remote support we are providing.

To our Supporters: View and download our 2020 Sponsorship Information for more details on our COVID-19 impact and response, and how supporters will make a difference in one of Chicago’s most impacted communities.

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