Sue Duncan Children’s Center Ethics Contract

Our educational approach is framed by a Code of Ethics that outlines the four core values of our community.  We ask each child to commit to upholding these community values through actions, attitude, and words.  Students in grades 3 and up sign a contract at the start of each school year to show their commitment to upholding the Center’s Code of Ethics.  Staff members sign the contact as well to demonstrate the values they seek to instill.  This formal agreement between the students and leadership presents an important lesson in partnership, trust and accountability.

It states:

As a member of the Sue Duncan Children’s Center community, I agree to uphold our four core values:

  • Respect
  • Education
  • Independence
  • Determination

I will be respectful of both myself and others by:

  • Practicing self control
  • Being honest
  • Being polite and using proper manners
  • Being courteous in both my speech and behavior
  • Not wasting resources
  • Being dressed appropriately
  • Being helpful to others
  • Practicing healthy habits
  • Being a positive role model
  • Being hospitable
  • Showing compassion for others
  • Developing teamwork, and
  • Using peaceful language and behavior, and de-escalating conflict

I will become well educated by:

  • Being eager to learn
  • Holding myself to high standards
  • Being curious about the world
  • Working hard
  • Being open minded
  • Being willing to participate, and
  • Challenging myself to achieve

I will become independent by:

  • Being organized
  • Never asking others to do for me what I can do myself
  • Developing a structured life
  • Accepting responsibility for my actions, and
  • Developing leadership skills

I will show my determination by:

  • Demonstrating perseverance in improving my life
  • Setting realistic goals and achieving them
  • Developing my ability to be committed, and
  • Always striving to make world a better place