Sue Duncan Documentary Raises $15,000

Melina Kolb, the director of the upcoming Sue Duncan documentary titled Remember Me Sue, successfully completed her Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 to help finish production. Melina started filming the children’s center in 2004, and has continued filming Sue and the families over the years. In the past year, she has interviewed alums Kerrie Holley in San Francisco and Michelle Gordon in North Carolina. Her next big interview is with U.S. Secretary of Education and Sue’s son, Arne Duncan, in Washington, D.C. Melina is working with L.A.-based film editor Alex MacKenzie, who had edited two top 10 Roger Ebert documentaries.

The film will tell the story of Sue’s work at the children’s center and the stories of several families who have attended the Center as early as 1961. Audiences will learn about Sue’s unique way of teaching and the influence she has had on multiple generations of families on Chicago’s South Side. When Sue is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, children, parents and staff must cope with the loss of a central mother figure in their lives, but in the end we see the effects of her work reaching beyond her time.

To read more about the film, check out these interviews with The Columbia Chronicle and Gaper’s Block, become a fan on Facebook or go to the film’s website.

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