50th Anniversary Rocks Millennium Park

The 50th Anniversary Kick-Off in Millennium Park Sunday brought people from across the city to celebrate the lifelong work of Sue Duncan. Adults and children enjoyed the shade of Goose Island Beer Garden, tasted fare from Gilbert’s Craft Sausages, danced to the music by Hey Jimmy and took part in face painting. Dr. Noemi Donoso, Chief Education Officer for Chicago Public Schools, gave a speech acknowledging Sue’s contribution to education, while high school student Serenity talked about the impact Sue has had on her life. “I once wanted to go to community college, but now I want to go to Princeton,” she said to the crowd. “Sue taught me I can do whatever I want to do if I work at it.”

Special thanks to our sponsors, Goose Island and Gilbert’s Craft Sausages.

Photos by Tellit Multimedia

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