Kids Go Bowling at Diversey River Bowl

Thanks to the Auxiliary Board for organizing a fantastic field trip for a group of our kids last Saturday! Our director, Owen Duncan, provided this update:

“The kids had a great time and were very enthusiastic on the way home. Several said they hoped we’d make this an annual tradition. Lots of pizza was eaten, lots of great bowling went on (some of the kids even cracked 100!)

Most importantly, the kids got to experience a different environment from their usual one, and interact in a friendly way with well-educated and professional people. It may have been ‘only bowling’ but the skill of being comfortably social outside their accustomed cultural context is crucial to future success.”

Among the children who went were:
-High school senior Sydney, who is graduating from the University of Chicago Charter High School
-High school senior Humu, who is graduating honor roll from King College Prep and already has scholarship offers to college
-8th grader Adam, who won the prestigious Daniel Murphy Scholarship for high school. Although he hasn’t made a final decision he will likely attend Mt. Carmel, which has offered to pay the difference between the scholarship and its tuition
-9th graders Serenity and Sunni (cousins), who are both high honor roll in the 9th grade at top 10 CPS high schools
-8th grader Chatara, who has been accepted to De La Salle High School. Her older sister Jasmine is in her second year on scholarship at St. Ignatius and continues to work hard and boost her GPA.

As usual, all our 8th and 12th graders are graduating and all the 8th graders are headed to top high schools.

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