8th Grader Wins Daniel Murphy Scholarship

Adam plays chess at the Center.

When Adam, 13, found out he won the prestigious Daniel Murphy Scholarship, he was shocked. “A couple thousand applied and only a couple hundred got it,” he said. The scholarship will provide four years of tuition support for high school, something Adam looks forward to next school year as he sets his sights on Wayland Academy, a private boarding school in Wisconsin.

Adam found out about the scholarship through his school counselor. The application process required several recommendations and an in-person interview. “When I went to the interview, I was kind of nervous,” he admits. “I had to think carefully about my answers. In the end I think they picked me because of my personality and since I do well in school.” According to the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund website, the scholarship is given to economically disadvantaged Chicago 8th grade students who demonstrate outstanding academic potential, leadership skills and strong character.

Once he makes it to high school, Adam said he wants to study hard and prepare for a 4-year college then eventually get a master’s degree and a well paying job. His interests are in math, geography and science.

Adam has been attending the Center for over 5 years along with three of his siblings. His mother, May, arrived in the U.S. from Ghana over 10 years ago unable to read, but is now literate and a much admired employee of the Center.

From Director Owen Duncan’s letter of recommendation for Adam:

“Students like Adam make my job as an educator more satisfying. He is the student you can always count on to answer questions and participate in discussions. During group lessons, he frequently makes insightful comments that add new dimensions to conversations. He is the type of person who thinks before he speaks, and when he does speak, I am constantly impressed by the level of intellect he demonstrates.

On a personal level, Adam is one of the most enjoyable students to be around. While serious about his schoolwork, he also is able to relax and socialize with others. He likes to play chess and sports. In all of his interactions with peers and adults, he is a polite gentleman. He is thoughtful and mindful to others around him.”

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