Center Adopts New Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics Tree

The Code of Ethics Tree illustrates the values the Center has adopted. The idea for the drawing was suggested by the children. Drawing by Melina Kolb.

Respect, Education, Independence and Determination are the four core values the Center has adopted as part of its new Code of Ethics. The Code was developed by children and adults alike during group time over the past few months, where everyone was encouraged to contribute thoughts on how people should behave and think at the Center.

Among the Center’s values outlined in the Code are:

  • Using peaceful language and behavior, and de-escalating conflict
  • Being courteous in both my speech and behavior
  • Being eager both to learn and to teach
  • Never asking others to do for me what I can do myself
  • Developing a structured life
  • Setting realistic goals and achieving them
  • Always striving to make the world a better place

Children were required to sign a contract indicating that they understood the Code of Ethics at the Center and will do their best to abide by it. The full contract is available as a pdf here.

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