Tutor Michael Designs a Math Curriculum

Michael works with Cameron in his notebook.

When students at the Center need help with math or physics, they know which tutor to go to — Michael Quiroz, 21.

Michael is a tutor through the University of Chicago’s Neighborhood Schools Program and has been working at Sue’s for one year. At the U of C, he is studying anthropology, but here at the Center he has found his niche developing a math curriculum for both elementary and advanced math students.

“This summer we’ve been preparing for the school year by creating a math curriculum. Basically, it’s a set of different lessons that we can move through during the year, things they will need for the classroom that they might have missed out on.”

With some help from fellow tutors, Michael organized the curriculum by coming up with sub-topics for students to learn and designing worksheets. Tutors can adapt the curriculum to the individual kids they are working with. He said the algebra section is more structured so students can build the foundation to understand higher mathematical concepts.

Michael said about the Center, “I think Sue’s is a great place. My first impression was that everyone looked like they’ve known each other a long time. It was a tight knit community. During the school year, I realized it was a really organized, tightly functioning place and I think it’s good that the kids can experience that. Personally, I really like working here because it allows a lot of creativity and I like kids. They’re really fun, but at the same time I can tell that they value their education. I haven’t met a kid here who doesn’t work hard.”

Michael is now considering joining the Peace Corps after graduating.

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