Kids Experience Camp Life in Michigan

Sherron, 15, gets a taste for sand.

For one week in July, a dozen children from the Center traveled to Sawyer, Mich. to experience camp life at the Help Us Grow (HUG) Camp. The camp was held at Tower Hill Camp Site from July 11 to 17 and featured group activities like archery, drama, batik and dance. SDCC tutor Jill Glenn from the Chicago School organized students to attend and spent the week with them in Michigan.

All of the kids were provided scholarships to attend the camp though Tower Hill’s Camp Fund and the following sponsors: Jeremy Giacomino, Vanya and Mark Weglarz, Gail Gill, Debbie and Chris Snyder, and Becky and John Simpson.

“I enjoyed all my activities, which included Fun with Science, Wall Climbing, Tennis, Adventure Course, and Waterball. But my all time favorite was tennis. They also served the best food ever! I liked dinner the best. I liked the fact that we had big sisters. My big sister’s name was Amanda. She was really nice. I can’t wait to go next year,” wrote Tyra, 10.

Sherron, 15, wrote, “I met more people and made new friends. I have more friends now then I had before. We played games with each other. I did drama, softball and hiking. I helped people when they needed help. I had a good time at camp and will love to go again!”

Kids at beach

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