What James Remembers

James Warren started his own non-profit organization after attending the Center in the early 80's.

Written by James E. Warren, SDCC Alum 1981

  • I remember standing on the balcony of my aunt’s third floor apartment on Woodlawn Avenue, with my cousins Michelle and Rodney Gordon. And once Sue’s suburban was spotted, they would yell “Sue’s coming!” Then, they would race to see who could run the fastest to Sue’s Center. I was left on the balcony wondering… who is Sue? And, why are my cousins so eager to see her? Because a young mind wanted to know, I asked my aunt for permission to attend Sue’s Center.
  • I was impressed with the safe and encouraging environment that Sue created for all the children under her care. SDCC was comfortable like a second home. Sue, and her family, made you feel like you were a part of their family.
  • In 1980, I remember attending the Jerry Sloan basketball camp with Arne, Chucky, Bernard, and Rodney (See photo below).
  • During the summer, I would return home from college and work in Sue’s Center.
  • After leaving Sue’s Center, I received my bachelor and masters degree. Moreover, I returned to enroll my children in SDCC. I have three boys who have attended the Center at some time or another. Currently my youngest son, Cameron, attends regularly.
  • The Sue Duncan Children’s Center has been a blessing to my family for years. We will never be able to show how much our family has benefited from this program.
  • Motivated by programs like SDCC, in 2004, I established the Center for Community Development, NFP (CCD). CCD is a 501c(3) non-profit organization committed to the development of youth, the empowerment of men, and the support of economic development.

James Warren remembers going to the Jerry Sloan basketball camp with Arne, Chucky, Bernard, and Rodney.

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