Fall Fete 2009

Friends of the SDCC:

Many thanks to all of those who attended Fall FĂȘte and donated their time and money to make this year’s event so successful. As Owen Duncan said of the evening: “not only is the annual event crucial financially, it is emotionally and spiritually revitalizing for Sue and the rest of the staff at the Center.”

With your support, we raised nearly $90,000 to support the Center, a great start as we continue working to meet our needs for the coming years. You heard from Arne Duncan about the way the Center has shaped his view of education, and from Center alum Ron Raglin about how deeply Sue touched the lives of several generations.

The beginning of the 2009 school year has been our busiest ever and the Foundation Board will continue to work hard with your support to fund our critical needs. We encourage you to sign up for our online mailing list or Facebook group and visit our website. We look forward to providing you updates on this school year as we make progress.

-The SDCC Foundation Board

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