SDCC Kids Go to a Cubs Game

Rob Betts, Jasmine, Humu

May 17, 2009, Cubs vs. Astros game

“On Sunday, May 17, 2009, I went to the Cubs baseball game with Robert Betts. I had a ball. I was a normal person who didn’t know much about baseball, but after going I learned plenty about it. I learned how the whole game works […]

What Tyrone Remembers

Written by Tyrone Smith, SDCC Alum 1991

Tyrone and his godson

I remember Sue’s Center being located at a church, and my younger sister, Tina, and I walking the 13 blocks between our home and the Center. Subsequently, Sue generously started giving us a ride home.

I remember Sue giving me my first job emptying […]

What Michelle Remembers

Written by Michelle Gordon, SDCC Alum 1983

Michelle Gordon is now a martial artist who runs her own Tae Kwon Do school in North Carolina.

I remember standing on the balcony of our third floor apartment on Woodlawn Avenue, watching to see if I could spot Sue’s blue suburban coming down my block. And once the […]

Visitor from Japan at the Children's Center

Kayoko Hayashi from the Chicago School of Psychology gave a small presentation about Japan and answered questions from the children.